The average cost to paint exterior of house

Painting the exterior of your home can be a big job.I will go over some  cost to paint exterior of house to make the things easier.

the cost to paint exterior of house

First let’s go over what is usually involved in painting the exterior of your home.

  • Pressure washing
  • Scraping and sanding
  • Caulking window casings
  • Caulking door casings
  • Caulking all small cracks
  • Adding wood filler
  • Reseal windows (putty)
  • Replace rotting wood
  • Patching stucco
  • Removing awnings
  • Removing eaves trough
  • Priming all bare wood
  • Renting ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Painting brush and rollers
  • Paint sprayer


beautiful painting job cost to paint exterior of house pictureOf course everything I listed above won’t need to be added when calculating the cost to paint exterior of house.I simply listed everything that could be involved to inform homeowners.

Below is a link for getting a FREE estimate on exterior painting through amazon.

So let us look at some average cost to paint the exterior of your home


pictures for cost to paint exterior of houseFirst we will cover paint.Cheap exterior paint starts at $25 per gallon which I would never recommend for even a dog house.Paint from somewhere like home depot usually runs around $40 per gallon.Some speciality paint stores charge almost $100 per gallon for their highest quality paint.

I would never suggest any homeowner pay $100 per gallon


Professional painters have contracts with paint stores and generally pass the savings onto the customer.Instead of paying $100 per gallon the contractor will only pay about $70 for the same gallon of paint.Most professional painters will suggest and use good quality paint from their suppliers which generally cost around $30 to $40 per gallon.

There are several good reasons to choose a good contractor.


spraying house cost to paint exterior of house image

  • Licensed and bonded
  • Insured
  • Professional quality work
  • Long lasting work
  • Complete exteriors can be completed quickly (week).
  • Increases property value
  • Saves you time and
  • money overall


Personally I recommend a brush and thicker roller for painting exteriors.Spraying is cheaper but doesn’t last as long.The only time I suggest spraying is for stucco.Depending upon the type of stucco sometimes a heavy nap roller works better.Spraying exteriors has to be done on very calm days with no wind.


Most times an average home will use 15 gallons of paint.


pressure washing adds to the cost to paint exterior of house imagesIf you plan on painting your home yourself make a list.Ask around for a pressure washer instead of renting one.Watch a few videos on how to use a pressure washer.Be careful some settings can actually split cedar siding if you’re too close.


Measure your house yourself.



measure for cost to paint exterior of house

List how many windows and doors.Buy some good quality brushes and rollers.I recommend heavy nap rollers for exteriors.If you are doing stucco by brush I suggest cheaper brushes.They will probably get destroyed painting stucco.This should help keep your exterior painting cost down.


Create an exterior painting price guide.


paint brush and can image for cost to paint exterior of house blue


Hiring a professional to paint your exterior can be costly.Most exterior home painting jobs start at $3,000 and can easily cost over $10,000 for larger homes.

 Is painting your home worth it?


cost to paint exterior of house calculator

Simply painting the exterior of your house will add thousands to your property value.There are several free online calculators to help determine the cost to paint exterior of house.


Avoid cheap painting quotes

Of course your home is worth the work and money.Remember this is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make.Take good care of it.

cost to paint exterior trim on houseYou can really save by getting quotes for the cost to paint exterior trim only.Can you get away with just painting the trim on the exterior of your house.


Highlight the exterior trim

I also have some great pictures and information on pinterest in regards to learning the cost to paint the exterior of your house.

I have added some links for more help with determining the how much does it cost to paint a home exterior.

red exterior house painting cost estimateThis old house has some great house painting links.

There is some great information on Youtube as well for exterior painting.I also suggest trying some house painters price guide for exterior paint cost.

I share some pictures on Pinterest also for exterior painting cost.


Exterior house painting help

exterior house painting helpChoosing quality house painting products is far more important than saving a few dollars with cheap paint or cheap painting supplies.

This should help you with the average cost to paint a house in your area.I will be adding more information and links every week for your house painters price guide.


Choosing exterior paint colors


choosing exterior paint colorsDo you need help choosing which color to paint your house? Here is some more help with choosing exterior paint colors.


Interior painting quotes


interior painting cost averagesIf you are looking for interior painting quotes try looking at my house painting prices for simple ways to calculate how much it will cost to paint a house.

Interior and exterior painting quotes made easy.


Exterior painting price guide


exterior painting price guideWhen getting painting quotes for your exterior keep in mind that the job could take longer than expected.

Another good thing to do is over budget.Quite often, exterior painting jobs end up leading to other smaller jobs that could really inflate the original quote.

Lower your painting quotes


Another great tip for saving money on your house painting is to do the small jobs yourself. When getting a professional painting quote ask the contractor if there is any small jobs you can do to lower the price.


Exterior painting basics


exterior painting stepsTo find out the price of painting your home there are some basic steps to follow. Always get more than one painting quote. Find out how much paint will be used or needed. For exterior painting it is important to determine how much prep work is involved,which is a huge factor is determining the price of a professional paint job.


Selecting the best exterior colors


There are several ways to choose your exterior house paint colors here are some tips to make it easier.

  • Have 3 different professional painters opinion.
  • Buy different small paint testers and paint small sections.
  • Look online or throughout neighborhoods to find colors you like.
  • Ask family and friends for opinions on paint color choices.


selecting great exterior house colorsWith a little help you will have the best looking house on your street. I have used sites like pinterest to get creative ideas for house colors.

Hopefully this will help you with choosing the right exterior house colors.



Exterior home renovations


Choosing the right contractor for your exterior home renovations can be difficult.I always recommend getting several quotes and opinions on any home renovation.We have all heard bad stories about choosing the wrong contractor.I always tell people to be very thorough when choosing a professional contractor.You can even request to talk to the last few home owners the contractor did previous work for.Never make a quick decisions when choosing your contractor also.


Exterior renos cost can be very expensive


Painting is generally the least expensive exterior renovations.Finding the right professional seems to be the hardest part nowadays, when it come to home renos. Once again I strongly suggest every home owner to take the time and the proper steps to find the best contractor for your needs.



Reducing exterior drafts


reducing exterior draftsCutting down on exterior drafts is very important for several reasons.Saving money on heating cost is probably number one.Reducing on dust and allergens is also important when eliminating  on drafts.I suggest checking all windows and doors for drafts and making sure everything is sealed properly to save money on your home renovations.



Painting exterior siding


Painting exterior siding can be very expensive. If the siding is very old and worn it may be worth looking at replacing it instead of repairing and painting. Most exterior siding should be painting and maintained every 5 years. There are several good products for patching and repairing siding today. I suggest shopping around for quotes and exterior painting products 3 months before you plan on painting for the best prices.



How much does a painter charge?



How much does a painter charge?Most home owners ask me, how much do painters charge? Most professional painters charge by estimating how much time the job will take and supplies. The average exterior will use 15 to 20 gallons of paint. All house painters get discounted prices at professional paint stores. The average painter will pay 30 dollars per gallon from a paint store. I have found that most professional painters will end up charging around 30 dollars for hour for labor cost.



Cleaning before painting



Exterior siding and trim always needs to be cleaned before painting. Using a pressure washer on the exterior is always the best way to clean the exterior of any house. Cleaning before painting allows for good adhesion and coverage with paint.I usually recommend most home owners wash the exterior with a pressure washer every few years regardless of painting.



Cleaning exterior stucco



The best way to clean your exterior stucco is using a pressure washer. I would not recommend using an electric pressure washer for the exterior. I have found gas powered pressure washers are best for cleaning exterior stucco. Make sure all the windows are tightly closed when using a pressure washer.



Caulking window and door casings



Caulking window and door casingsOne thing home owners tend to overlook is caulking windows and doors. Every year home owners should inspect the outside of their home for repairs. Caulking all windows and doors is very important for proper home maintenance. YouTube has some great videos on caulking windows and doors for the do it yourself kind of home owner.



Installing exterior motion lights



There are several great choices for installing exterior lights today. Some great deals can be found online as well as the big hardware store. The installing process can be done by most homeowners when it comes to motion lights. After painting the exterior I suggest adding some new accent lights to dress up the exterior even more. Exterior lighting on your home can make a huge difference in curb appeal.